Burgundy Linen Cocktail Napkins

Ice dyed burgundy linen cocktail napkins

These linen cocktail napkins are so cool and retro looking! It’s so amazing how many colors a single dye splits into during ice dying. This is all burgundy and black! I don’t quite know what the back does/did but I believe it creates a more muted effect, but so hard to tell as ice dying is quite random!

Here’s how we did it:

Fabric / fabric preparation

100% light peach linen cocktail napkins (they were white but I dyed them red previously, didn’t like the outcome so I bleached them for this project). I think had a used white napkins this project would have been even more successful, definitely going to work with the burgundy again!

Soda ash soaked, spin-dried fabric diagonally twisted and tied into little knots

Ice dyed linen napkin tutorial fabric preparation soda ash soaked tied

Colors & Dosage

  • 3 parts Procion Mx Dye Burgundy
  • 1  part Procion Mx Dye 150 Jet Black


I put a paper towel on top of the fabric (there were some undesirable spots on previous projects and added the paper towel to catch these spots rather than them ending up on the fabric), then sprinkled the burgundy and black dyes onto the paper towel.Ice dyed linen napkin tutorial dye application

Then I added ice and lastly, I sprinkled a small amount of jet black on top of the ice just to experiment.

Ice dyed linen napkin dye application



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