Fuchsia Dish Towel Tutorial

So happy with this outcome! It looks like a bouquet of peonies! Happy, vibrant colors and beautiful transitions! I’m going to gift it to my amazing housekeeper, Norma, since she loves flowers so much.

Here’s how we did it:

Fabric / fabric preparation: 100% white cotton 20x28 dishtowel (Urban Villa, Amazon). Soda ash soaked, spin-dried fabric crumbled tightly. 


Colors & Dosage

    • 3 parts Procion Mx Dye 040 Fushia
    • 1.5  parts Procion Mx Dye 072 Medium Blue
    • 1 part Procion Mx Dye 150 Jet Black
    • 1  part Procion Mx Dye 035 Hot Pink


Sprinkle on top of ice (ice depth was a good 3 inches) with spoon by tapping on the spoon to distribute

 Ice dye tutorial dye sprinkled over ice

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