Olive, Turquoise and Black Napkins and Dishtowel

We love the subtle colors this combo produced. This is one of our favorites for sure, this is a fairly light application so its looks very watercolor-like, I can’t wait to experiment with a more heavy hand on the olive green!

Olive turquoise and black ice dyed napkin and dishtowel tutorial

Ice dyed napkin olive

Ice dyed napkin olive 2

Fabric Preparation

Crumbled fabric tightly into flat rounds and put in 3 rows of 4 onto rack in our bar sink, so the fabric is crumbled up tightly. Put dryer sheets on top of fabric, then a good 5 inches of ice on top

Ice dyed napkin olive fabric preparation

Ice dyed napkin olive fabric preparation ice layer                  

Colors & Dosage

  • 3 parts Procion Mx Dye 105 Olive Green
  • 2 parts Procion Mx Dye 068 Turquoise
  • 1 part Procion Mx Dye 150 Jet Black


Sprinkle on top of ice (ice depth was a good 5 inches) with spoon by tapping on the spoon to distribute

Ice dye tutorial dye application dye sprinkled on ice

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