Are traditional bras going out of style?

Let’s face it: bras can be a pain. It’s a rare occasion when you find a woman saying “I LOVE wearing a bra every day”. I never really found one I truly loved.  I tossed out my underwire Victoria Secrets padded collection years ago and replaced them with very simple bralettes and bras without wire, mostly purchased on my trips back to Austria where I grew up.

traditional bra

Beach Volleyball has taken a more prominent part in my life these past years, and as a result I have been spending more and more time in bikinis. Lately, I find myself reaching for my Huntington or El Matador bikini top even on workdays to wear as a bra for the day.

pepper swimwear bikini top
At first it seemed a little strange to be in bikini material all day, but, after trying it out I didn’t feel anymore hot or sweaty and it was just so much more comfortable and supportive. Plus, the V shaped back works for many more outfits than the standard bra strap style.

After sharing this with various girlfriends I learned that I am not alone! Many of them have also been using bikini tops and sports bras in lieu of bras. So, are we just strange outliers in what has been a multibillion industry for so many years, or are traditional bras going out of style?

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