Our mission is to design bold, stylish, comfortable, bikinis that stay in place - giving you the confidence to just be you during all types of movement.  Here are just a few of the amazing women who wear Pepper.

Falyn Fonoimoana

Professional Beach Volleyball Player

You don't want to face this 6'4" Hermosa Beach, Californian native across the net! Falyn finished 4th in the 2019 AVP Austin and brings plenty of spice to the beach volleyball court. There is a reason she was nominated for the AVP Hammer award! Fonoimoana is the niece of Gold Medalist Eric Fonoimoana as well as 1976 Olympic swimmer Lelei Fonoimoana.

Kelly Yazdi

Actress, Model, Stuntwoman, Entrepreneur


Kelly is a Hawaii based actor, model, stunt woman and also the creator of the "Moto Aloha" festival and the "Wild Gypsy Tour". “Aloha is my way of life and I’m obsessed with purpose, passion and connection. I have a serious love for my dogs, motorcycles, awesome folks, traveling and anything that gives me an adrenaline rush. I believe in working hard, being humble, living with joy, doing what you love, and giving zero fucks about anything/anyone that doesn’t light your soul on fire.”

Kim DiCello

Professional Beach Volleyball Player


San Diego native Kim DiCello went to college at Santa Clara and then played indoor volleyball in the Netherlands and Indonesia before switching beach volleyball in 2007. She was named the AVP’s Most Improved player in 2014. Kim played part of the 2017 season while pregnant with her first child and returned to the pro tour in 2019 while still breastfeeding!

Katie Spieler

Professional Beach Volleyball Player


Katie Spieler, co-founder of East Beach Volleyball Academy, NCAA Women of the Year Top 30 Honoree, and AVP member can be found wearing her Pepper Swimwear in Santa Barbara. Oh, did we forget to mention she's also a CPA?

Brooke Daigneault

Professional Surfer


Brooke is a native of Huntington beach but can be found surfing around the world, competing against other top-ranked surfers.

Corinne Quiggle

Professional Beach Volleyball Player


This Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida native just claimed a gold medal in Sofia on the 2021 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour! Starting from the qualifications, Corinne and her partner went on to win seven matches in a row to top the podium! Her previous medal was a 2019 Phnom Penh silver.  When she’s not playing beach volleyball, Corinne loves to surf, snowboard, travel, learn new languages, and play the ukulele.