Our First Design

We created an idealistic description of the product we are aiming to develop including keywords (such as bad ass, fashionable, edgy, hot) attributes we do and do not want (no tie at the neck, must be sexy AND comfortable, no sports bras!) and images of the elements we like from other swimwear lines.  We reviewed it with out designer friend and she came back with a design for a convertible top with straps that can be worn in tons of different ways.

Pepper Swimwear First Bikini Top Design

Pepper Swimwear Initial Design

We love this concept.  It is innovative, which we feel we will need to be in order to compete with all of the other swimwear brands out there, and because it could be worn in so many different ways, it would allow us to start a “brand/line” with only one top design – a major plus considering that we are a self-funded garage operation.  The concerns we have with this design are the double-straps in the front (not sure if we are sold on the general look) and how to secure the straps in the back (without a ton of unattractive hardware) so that they do not slide around while playing.  After all, what works well in a chaise lounge doesn’t necessarily function on a beach volleyball court!

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