Best shows and movies to watch in 2021

Let's face it, "Netflix and chill" has a whole new meaning these days as the global COVID pandemic has certainly increased everyone's screen time.  So when you find yourself at home wondering what to watch, here is a list of great movies and series to check out.  And be sure let us know what you like, don't like, or what's missing by leaving a comment below!

The Queen's Gambit (Historical Drama) Netflix

The Croods: A New Age (Family/Comedy) Prime 

The Farewell (Family/Drama/Comedy) Prime

Yesterday (Comedy, Romantic) HBO

Ready or Not (Horror/Thriller/Dark Comedy) HBO

Yellowstone (Drama - 3 Seasons) Prime

The Old Guard (Action/Suspense) Netflix

Palm Springs (Sci-Fi/Comedy/Drama) HULU

Warrior (Family/Drama/Action/Suspense) Prime


Safety Not Guaranteed (Sci-Fi/Adventure/Comedy) Netflix


Richard Jewel (Historical/Suspense/Drama) HBO / HBOmax

Enola Holmes (Family/Mystery/Adventure) Netflix

Love and Monsters (Sci-Fi/Adventure/Drama) Prime

Blinded by the Light (Drama/Family) HBO / HBOmax


The Midnight Sky (Sci-fi/Drama) Netflix

Bridgerton (Romance - 1 Season) Netflix

Train to Busan (Action/Drama/Suspense/Zombie/Foreign)


My Octopus Teacher (Documentary/Family) Netflix

Knives Out (Drama/Suspense/Mystery/Dark Comedy) Prime

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