Your “cute bikini” is uncomfortable, won’t stay put and falls apart before the end of the season. Sound familiar? It happened to us and that's why we created Pepper. We are beach volleyballers ("Pepper" is the common volleyball warm up) and here in sunny Southern California we are lucky to live in our bikinis most of the year. So they better be cute, comfortable and durable!  Made in Los Angeles.

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Pepper Swimwear is the new brand of swimwear for the athletic beach lifestyle. Pepper Swimwear was created by Bridget Dome and Sibylle Postley, friends, mothers and competitive amateur beach volleyball players who were always disappointed with their bikinis. They could find cute bikinis but those were uncomfortable and not durable enough, or they could find athletic bikinis but those were noticeably lacking in style and character. So they decided to do something about it and Pepper was conceived.

The name "Pepper" comes from the common volleyball warm-up and reflects their mission of combing spicy beach style with high quality performance. All Pepper designs are a collaboration between Bridget and Sibylle. Sibylle sews the samples (often many, many versions to get each piece just right!) and both Bridget and Sibylle test the bikinis before the final patterns are handed over to a professional sewing shop for reproduction. All of Pepper's reversible sport bikinis are proudly made in a small owner operated sewing shop in downtown Los Angeles.

Pepper bikinis feature a snug fit for athletics and are worn by amateur athletes, professional athletes, weekend warriors, clubs and teams, mothers and daughters. You will see Pepper bikinis at all levels of beach volleyball tournaments including FIVB, AVP, NVL, AVP Next, CBVA, JVA, AAU, Get Noticed, and more. Pepper bikinis fit all different body types from athletic to curvaceous and everything in between. Happy customers wear Pepper bikinis for yoga, surfing, kite surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, boogie boarding, beach tennis, skateboarding, beach cruising, flirting and lounging!

Please do not hesitate to email with any questions about styles, sizes, fit, etc. Pepper bikinis are a true labor of love!