Bikinis for big boobs

I recently went to Palm Springs for a getaway with a group of amazing women I have known since 7th grade.  We have a special bond and they practically know everything about me because we have been such good friends for so long.  This Palm Springs trip has become an annual tradition where we rent a house (the house seems to be getting larger every year) and our families converge for a long weekend of great food, drinks and a lot of laughs.  This year, including kids from 1 year to 14 years old, we were a total of 17 people in one house.

Of course, I brought some Pepper bikinis for these ladies to try on!  Two of these friends are large busted and pretty much needed me to twist their arms (and have a cocktail!) to get them to even humor me and try on the bikinis.  I was hearing from them that they are not beach volleyball players and are not in the kind of shape they wish to be in; they had the preconceived notion that our bikinis were made for more athletic figures and basically would not fit them.  Regardless of the outcome, I wanted to hear the feedback – especially from these kinds of friends who will tell it like it is rather than sugar coating it for you!

To my great pleasure, by the end of our try-on session I had a group of Pepper Swimwear fans on my hands!  Both of my large busted friends found bikinis that they loved and were insistent that we MUST show more images of large breasted women in our bikinis.  They also agreed to do some impromptu modeling and we had fun taking a few pictures together.   (I think I also managed to convince them that those giant “granny panty” bottoms only make your butt look larger and just need to be retired.)

Bikinis for large breasts
Size 34C wearing an X-Large Hermosa top. 
Size 36D wearing an X-Large Manhattan top.
Bikinis for big boobs
Bikinis for DD breasts  
Size 34DD wearing an X-Large Capistrano top. (Customer from a recent event.)

Although traditional “model” figures are the norm for promotional imagery, the vast majority of people  do not have those bodies (even the models themselves when they are not behind the camera!)   It is super gratifying to see Pepper bikinis looking great on all types of figures and contributing to a woman’s increased confidence and self esteem.

xx Bridget

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