Designing our first Pepper print

We founded Pepper Swimwear because we couldn’t find bikinis that had cute prints AND could perform for beach volleyball. When we started back in 2013 we spent countless hours looking for prints both in downtown Los Angeles and on the web. We found so many almost great prints, but there was always something we would have changed. We actually cut this striped print we used for our very first line at an angle to achieve the look we were after.

Pepper Swimwear State Bottom in Blue Stripe

Pepper Swimwear State Bottom in Blue Stripe

In  hindsight it may have been smarter to design our own but back then we were on such a steep learning curve in all aspects of this business and we couldn’t have handled learning to design prints as well. Luckily the countless hours of looking at prints designed by others were not wasted … they really helped us understand what we look for in a print for Pepper Swimwear.

So, now in spring of 2016, after 3 years of learning so much about patterns, samples, grading, marker making, cutting, sewing, photo shoots, Photoshop, etc, we are finally re-visiting this topic. Our timing is great because the number of fabric printers has increased and the minimums, quality, production speed and price have all improved.

We wanted our first Pepper Swimwear print to capture our passion for beach volleyball and the Southern California beach lifestyle we are so incredibly lucky to live …

so we decided to use some of our favorite photos as the background to a fun triangular pattern that mixes many colors so it’s bright, fun, consistent, not too big, not too small, works as a mix and match to our favorite separates, you get the idea. We are still working on the final touches but here are some glimpses. Really excited for a bikini with this print on it!

xx Sibylle

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