Designing our second line

We LOVE designing new bikinis – we love it as much as playing volleyball and that says a lot! There is only one thing for us at Pepper Swimwear that tops designing bikinis and playing volleyball: it’s when YOU use the word LOVE in connection with our products. That leaves a smile on our face for a really long time and it’s what has gotten us through some pretty rough days. It’s what makes it all worth it in the end.

So, as the days get shorter and we find less daylight to play volleyball we are immersed in finalizing our line for Spring 2015. As always, our goals are lofty – we want to incorporate the feedback we heard, make sure we continue what worked well, pick new, fresh and trendy materials and come up with unique and original designs.

It’s all starting to come together – we have several new designs we are incredibly pleased with and hope you’ll love. Our color palate stays bold, bright, and happy and was inspired by travels to exotic beaches. We are particularity excited about Tabasco Pepper Red being a key color for 2015. Thanks Paris – how fitting for a Pepper Bikini!

 Red Bikini Inspiration

Fall Winter 2014-2015 Women‘s trends: A Renaissance (from, Photo Credit: Gorunway)

Do you love this red as much as we do?

From Pepperland with love,

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